A Pint of Poetry

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I'm So Happy For You!

I'm so happy for you!
At the same time, it frustrates me that you can have so much
You have a job, a house, a family
You have looks, money, and friends
Should I feel proud of you?
I mean, I do!
I just wish you wouldn't share that news with me
But you're my friend, and I'm glad your life is together
Why should I give a damn if mine hasn't even started?
I have nothing you haven't already gotten
But this isn't about me, is it?
God I just want to have your life
I want to kill you and take your place
I want your husband
I want your job
I want your friends
I want to hate you but I just want to BE you...
But I will never say that out loud...
So, my friend...

"I'm so happy for you."
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