The Struggling Artist

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Life was always good.

Poetry / Mystery
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The Struggling Artist

The Struggling Artist Script
Written by Vic


In this life of ours we share similarities. Love, survival and the pursuit of happiness. The things we do for love. How far we reach to survive. Like hunters we pursue happiness. This is a story about a man who fell in love with the pursuit and didn’t survive.

Chapter 1 -Manny’s Background:

Manny was a dreamer. At a young age he fell in love with music. Rap specifically. The first rap song he ever heard left him baffled. Manny couldn’t believe the power a rap song had. The vivid picture it paints. How poetic it is. A story in a song. It became his instant attraction. The real reason why Manny connected so much to this art form came from the words spoken by these artists. They told real life stories. Connected with the world. Made you believe in something. Manny had it rough growing up. Real rough. Good kid at heart, but the world isn’t very kind to good hearts. The pain he went through made him understand the people around him. He thought about the struggles people go through daily. How no one is alone in this. He noticed how people weren't aware that life can be good. He also noticed how people weren’t aware that life isn’t easy for some. Manny started writing music trying to relate to people. Tell their stories as well. The world needed to hear it, so he thought. For 10 years he spent making music, trying to get people to listen. Slow at first, but people supported. Because it was good work. Talented yes, but the message he brought was more important. So people listened. Respected it. Some people throughout the years told him to move on and start a real career. This will get him nowhere. See Manny didn’t do this to be famous. Or for any other reason. Manny pursued this dream of one day performing for thousands in hopes to get this message across. This message of hope. Manny’s trauma was so much that the need for riches or attention was nothing to him. The attraction was being heard. Telling his story. Their story. 10 years had gone by. Manny was still performing in the same clubs his city had to offer. Exhausted, struggling with his finances and receiving the news that his girlfriend is pregnant. He’s getting older and the responsibilities of life keep getting in his way. Manny loves his girlfriend and wants to give her more. He knows it’s time to focus on reality, especially with a baby on the way.
Leaving the club one night after performing; so close to quitting, he gets a call. Manny didn’t recognize the number so he didn’t pick up. A voicemail appears. Manny listens to it. It’s a man. In the voicemail the man says he works with The Game. A famous rapper. Big actually. Manny calls back. The man answers and tells Manny The Game wants to meet him and talk about a record deal in a couple of days. Manny in shock agrees. The man arranges a flight for Manny. Manny knows this is his moment. Finally, everything was going perfect. Life was good.

Manny is at a downtown club about to perform. The night before his big flight to go sign a record deal. Manny was so happy. He couldn’t believe it. Dream come true. Right when his girlfriend gives him the news about the baby. Everything was perfect. Manny was getting ready to perform. He asked the club manager if he could be last to perform because Manny knew that was his last night performing like this. Everyone had heard the news about Manny. The Game talked about him on his social media. Plus Manny couldn’t help it and told everyone he knew. People were aware. Manny was waiting for his best friend Ray to arrive. His girlfriend was with him at the club already.

Chapter 2 -Club Restroom:

In two hours Manny will be performing for a small crowd for the last time. He did it. He made it happen. Still in shock. Still believing that he was dreaming. Manny was so thankful with life. How if you work hard then your dreams will come true. If you just have faith. Good things can happen. No matter how horrible life has been to you, just hang on a little longer and good things will always come. And they did. Manny was in the bathroom washing his face. Calming his nerves. It was the night before his life changing flight. He looked at himself in the mirror. Proud. Couldn’t wipe the smile off his face. He steps out of the restroom. Outside was his girlfriend

Scarlett in the hallway waiting for him.

“You were in there for a long time, are you okay?”

“Yes, things couldn’t be more perfect. Let’s go outside, it’s too loud in here. Also Ray said he’s on his way. We’ll meet him in the back.”

Walking out heading to the back of the club, Manny is spotted by people walking into the club.

“Yo Manny, we see you! You up next for sure! Do it for the bay!”

Manny and Scarlett step outside.

Chapter 3 -Behind the Club:

“I don’t like all the attention you’re getting. Makes me jealous. I don’t want to share you.”

“That’s never going to happen. You need now more than ever.”

Manny grabs Scarletts belly.

“Especially now with this little surprise. Everything is going right. It’s our turn now love. Lord knows we deserve it. You deserve it. Being there for me, having faith. Thank you.”

“I’ve always believed in you. They believed in you… So. Are you going to buy me a big house now? And all the clothes i want?”

“Baby you can have the world now.”
Manny kisses Scarlett. Steps back to reach into his pocket. He takes out his phone.

“Ray said he’ll be here in 10 minutes. I have time, did you end up rolling me one?”
Scarlett reaches into her pocket. She takes out a tube container. Opens it. A hand rolled joint. She hands it to Manny.

“Who do you love?’’

“Who am i looking at?”

Manny sparks the joint. The smoke warms his chest in the chilly night. This high was different. He was already high on life. Manny inhaled. Looked up at the bright moon. Full moon.

“Scar, look at the moonlight love. It’s so beautiful.”

“I don't like full moons. I hear it makes some people act crazy.”

“Oh baby. The world is not as bad as you think. How can you not be amazed by the moonlight?!”

“I’m amazed by you. Isn’t that all that matters?”

Scarlett holds on to Manny. They stand there holding each other. Quiet.
Manny gets a call from his best friend Ray. Ray was always there to support Manny. Ray was the only person who made Manny feel like he truly had a gift. From the start.

“Ray, where the fuck are you? We’re waiting for you in the back. And it ain’t fucking summer time, we cold.”

“I’m pulling up to the parking lot. I’ll meet you in the back.”

Ray heads to the back of the club after parking his car. He sees Manny and Scarlett together. They seemed so happy from a distance. Manny the most. As if he had the world in the palm of his hand.

“What’s this? You smoking without me? Hey girl, you better not be smoking that shit.”

They share laughs. Ray gives Manny a hug. Then hugs Scarlett.

“What took you so long?’’

“I got caught up at work. Overtime like a bitch.”

“Yea well soon you won’t need that job. We made it.”

“I still can’t believe that shit. The Game. Can’t believe he talked about you on that post.”

“That’s why they call it the dream.”

“Seriously, we’re very proud. I know your mom would be proud too. Remember when we were homeless, we said this day would come.”

“And it did! I never stopped trying.”

“Aye you were spitting some shit those days”

“Those days? What you mean? I still got it.”

Both share a laugh. Scarlett interrupts.

“Baby, I’ll be back. Going to use the bathroom.”

“Let me keep you company.”

“No no it’s okay. You two catch up, i’ll be right out. I love you.”

“I love you.”

They share a kiss.

“Wow, i’ve never seen you this happy before.”

“I’m telling you man, God is good. Life is good. My dream is coming true. Honestly, how many people can say that? Plus me and Scarlett have a baby on the way. I can’t wipe this smile off my face. I don’t know how i’m going to perform tonight.”

“You deserve all this. You are a good person. It’s not right how life has treated you. But it’s clear that this is your time. Enjoy every fucking second of it. When do you go meet with the label?”

“Thank you brother. You really kept me going these past years. Thank you.. I leave tomorrow! I’m gonna do this last show for my city and then. The rest of my life begins. The rest of our lives.”

“Haha, damn so you ready? Show me what you’re gonna rap to him. Cause you know he’s gonna make you spit.”

“I’ve been writing the perfect bar. Let me go get my journal. It’s in my car. Hey, stay here and wait up for Scar. I’ll be back. Promise you, it’s my best writing.”

Chapter 4 -The Loudest Sound:

Ray waits. Scarlett slowly makes her return. Manny headed to the large quiet parking lot on that chilly night. Walking up to his car. Smile refusing to go away. The joy is still with him. Manny thought to himself how tomorrow his life will change forever. For the better. For good. No more pain. No more waiting. He won. Manny makes it to his car. As he reaches into his pocket for his keys, he feels the touch of cold steel behind his skull. The loudest sound he’s ever heard. Then. Complete darkness. Complete silence.

“He said he was heading to his car.”

“Well go find him, he has to get ready to perform.”
Ray heads towards the parking lot. He sees Manny’s car. He walks towards the car. Everything turns slow motion. He’s stuck. Can’t move. Can’t understand.

NO! What the fu…
Get up!
Get up! Manny!”

Ray rushes towards Manny’s cold, still body. Ray tries to pick him up from the ground. He turns him over with care as Ray cries his eyes out. Gently as he moves Manny’s head where the blood won’t stop flowing out. Ray’s cries were so loud and powerful it brought the attention of some people. Scar saw people rushing towards the parking lot. She overheard one person say “someone shot him!” Without a thought she ran with the crowd. When she saw the crowd gathered next to Manny’s car, she stopped breathing. Slowly making her way towards the driver side of the vehicle. What she saw next was Ray’s red eyes covered in tears holding Manny’s bloody corpse. She faints.

So close. Apparently, the man who shot Manny had planned to rob him that night. The man thought Manny had some new fortune with him since Manny was all over social media that week. All the man was able to pick from Manny’s wallet was a piece of paper with some rhymes, a photo of him and Scarlett and $27. The man who shot Manny was right though. Manny was rich. Rich with talent. Rich with love. Rich with potential. Rich with life. He robbed all those things from Manny that night.


Struggle. That’s what defined Manny. Manny was married to struggle. It was there in his beginning and there in his end. Now, don’t be mistaken. What happened to Manny was a beautiful thing. What Manny never managed to realize was that his struggle was beautiful. Because of it he found respect with people and with the world. It made him who he was. Made him appreciate the smallest things. Manny was so lost in the idea that one day everything will be good. But everything was always good.
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