Product of my Enviornment

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When you grow in an environment plagued by poverty and , fatherless homes, you become a product of that environment with all the good and bad affecting you in either a negative or positive way

Poetry / Action
The Streetzpoet
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Product of my Environment

Im just a product of my environment
still living off of my grandmother's prayers
I had to pretend I was tough
cause the lil boy in me was scared.

In my environment tap water
was the best thing to drink
police didn't like people in my environment
so when the sentenced us they hit us with everything but the kitchen sink.

Around here growing up
it was the streets and God's grace is what made us,
and after looking death in the face so many times
we see how it was the favor on our lives that saved us

In my environment
trouble was waiting for us everyday,
we ended up takin risk cause we knew
that satan was waitin in the same way.

In my environment we grew up goin to prison
before we went to college
and the warning signs that told us to sit down
and knowing our purpose is what we failed to acknowledge

The cemetery is screaming for us to slow down
cause there's blood on the streets in my environment,
we was born to lose and die early
cause we took our lives and signed it over to satan on consignment..

Children separated from their mothers
that took love out the home where it belongs,
fathers being recycled thru the prison system
from an environment where the streets is a war zone

In my environment ain't nobody getting old anymore
cause they out here dying young
it don't matter if you killin or getting killed
either way a mother is still losing her son

In my environment you can see
people and circumstances where prayer works,
especially the ones lost out here
who ain't never seen the inside of a church.

In my environment we gonna get it in
spread some love and put a smile on somebodies face,
they wanna be loved cause they've been hated for so long
and they feel they have no more time to waste

my environment some of us were raised d governmeant cheese sandwiches
that fed us better than a full course meal
my mama told us that love isn't what you tell someone
love is what you make someone feel

In my environment I'm surrounded by people who look just like me
a criminal record and tattoos
that's because some of us were followers
and too afraid to wall in our own shoes

There's a lotta love in my environment
people raising kids and paying bills
where life is fragile and our pain is heavy
but we praise a God thats real.

I love the people in my environment
but we need to know and understand why they hate us,
cause we've got this beautiful black skin
a significant trademark of how God made us.
In my environment dudes standin in the rain to hustle
a 15 yr old is just tryin to make it to see 16
we try to encourage them to be blessed
but some of em don't even know what that means.

In my environment you better treat everybody an angel
cause you never know when God gonna show up
in my environment there's some grown out here
with lil boys in them who still needs to grow up.

Then you got fortunate ones who were blessed to make it out
for some of us that was far and few
daddy ain't at home.. mama cant teach us how to be a man
so we hit these streets and do what we gotta do

And I'm a Product of my Environment
for us to be greater there's more work to be done,
with the good and bad I love it still
cause this the environment I come from
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