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Adulting is hard. Figuring out who you are as an adult is harder. A collection of poems about my personal experiences in learning how to navigate the world and navigate my own personal growth. August 2020- Contains themes of anxiety, depression, death, sex, trauma, ASD, and other mature themes

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It’s been quite some time since I’ve given myself the opportunity to publish my writing. Since my last collection, I’ve gone back to school and work and haven’t had as much time to let myself be ‘me’. I wrote the following poems immediately after the end of my last collection; so from August 2020 until now. I’ve decided to take the dive again and throw myself back into cranking out more poems.

The following are poems pertaining to my personal growth and views on life, my observations and songs, a mix of stories and jokes, some puzzles and some answers I’ve found. I can’t say I always take the time to think about my audience while I’m writing, so if you feel a connection to my words and musings it would be proof enough of miracles existing. ASD, a panic attack and anxiety disorder, depression, trauma, and sexual content get thrown into the mess at times, so please read with caution if there is a chance of being triggered.

Whether or not anyone decides to read this, thank you for giving me a place to pen my thoughts. Thank you for listening. I invite you to lean back, grab a snack out of the fridge, and throw your weighted blanket on top of you while you watch my words pass by. Enjoy!

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