Orange with a Hint of Yellow

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a cold hepburn with whole milk


cars whisk by beating the

blinking crosswalk sign

you can see if

you crane your head

look through the clear door

blocked by a small bookshelf


sun and breeze great the two

at least they try to

brown turns to blonde

hairs waving back

perhaps the lights warmth

or from her nervous laugh


six feet or two or one

aged wood whispers tales

soft red worn dead

the pages too

robert burns and hays

van dyke and paintings grey


caffeine bouncing his leg

half a cup still left

in hand a pen

then to his phone

back to his free knee

eyes up nose down in books


Milk orange and velvet

zucchini and nut

a single coke

seems out of place

in this house on high

the chair opposite me


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