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II. Perceptions

:Poems that describe my outlook
on issues in
society and
news today

A Mirror

Reflective surfaces
coated with an alloy of tin-mercury
that shows a clear image

if not kept clean
it reflects a dirty image
that’s distorted, unproportioned,
and not realistic

A mirror is seen
within household bathrooms, hallways, and bedrooms
a mirror is seen
within beauty standards, social media, cell phone cameras, and people

Reflective surfaces,
devices used for showcasing “a visual” image,
filters, photoshopping, virtual alteration
bring to life “a visual” image

if not kept wholesome
it reflects an imperfect image
that’s tainted
yet it's too ambiguous or obscure
to decipher

A mirror is seen
within posts from Instagram models, vulgar comments sent to DM’s,
and the impolite rejection of placement
a mirror is seen
within society’s expectation of a human being, the mindset of a narcissistic man,
the mindset of “never being enough”,
and a forced conformation of one’s self to fit in

Reflective surfaces
show us an image
that’s comforting to insecurities
or tailored to unrealistic desires

A mirror is seen as a way to cater to cravings,
it caves to fulfill an acceptance

Therefore, a mirror may be seen as a savior to some,
and a mirror may be seen as a foe to others

It’s a false prophet
because it showcases wants,
it never fully comforts one person,
and it never showcases the needs necessary to live unconditionally as oneself

Reflective surfaces
A mirror

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