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II. Perceptions: The Heart ❤️

The Heart

The heart scientifically speaking is an organ
that pumps blood for the human body
while also supplying oxygen and nutrients to tissues and removing harmful wastes from the body

The heart itself is so much more

The heart itself takes nine months to form for a child
It can be broken so quickly
Why is that exactly?

The heart itself is symbolizes innocence, purity, and love
The heart itself is suppose to represent what everyone in the world deserves
…..yet that doesn’t happen
The heart itself is an interesting thing of anyone to have within themselves
…..yet some people don’t deserve to have a heart

The heart emotionally speaking is a device that receives and deceives
It receives the adoration, admiration, and affection, yet it deceives based on lies told, a lack of communication between two people, and the lust of manipulation

The heart itself has a mind of its own

The heart itself is quite intriguing
yet complex at the same time
The heart itself is an alien that
is from another planet
The heart itself is unexplainable
to some

…..but for most it can be a pain in the ass if you know how to use it….

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