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III. Fantasies and Dreams: Graveyard 🪦


Broken dreams are lost
A heart that is beyond repair is turned into dust
Damaged souls come here to rest


Endless tears overflow
Sarcasm is the native language
Depression + Anxiety are intermarried


The fog is the endless disappearance of personality
The gravestone is the date of wince the corpse died yet is still here
The rotten trees are the spirits that are now rancid
The grave is a resting stop for the dead and the living


A place for those who are lost but not quite found
A place for a broken heart be somewhat repaired
A place for a damaged soul to get some mending

A place where endless tears come to a drought
A place where sarcasm is the native language
A place where depression + anxiety roam freely

A place where the fog never disappears
A place where the gravestone marks territory
A place where the rotten trees become more sickly
A place where the grave itself is a bed

Graveyard a place that’s somewhere in between becoming a teenager to an adult
Graveyard a place thats calming yet fucked up
Graveyard is the mindset in which this generation is in


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