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Sugar is a collection of poems that tell of something sweet, however, too much sweetness is bad. These poems take you through a rollercoaster of emotions and weird thoughts. Sugar is an insight into my mind as a human being. As a person who is always nervous, an overthinker, and is great at masking their negativity with a bright smile and laugh.

Poetry / Other
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Table of Contents

I. Love Stories
:Poems that tell of

sexuality, becoming a couple, fights,
a blindside to love, finding comfort in a loved one,
and letting go of loved ones you have lost.

II. Perceptions
:Poems that describe my outlook
on issues in
society and
news today

III. Fantasies and Dreams

:Poems that tell of sweet dreams,
nightmares, confusion,
lost hopes and dreams,
and possibilities

IV. Small Happenings

:Poems that describe sweet dates,


and what if’s

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