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III. Fantasies and Dreams: Neverland


Lost boys
Lost girls
Lost youth

A sense of belonging has been completely erased
A constraint has been broken
A sense of dependency is nonexistent

Lost youth
Lost spirit
Lost memories

Forever trapped in a mindset of playfulness
Forever stuck in a battle that doesn’t end
Forever placed where there is no escape

Lost memories
Lost her….him…..and…
Lost with no end

There is hope for a new beginning
Where you can start over
There is faith in the impossible happening
Where your wildest thoughts are fulfilled
There is magic that lies deep within you
Where mythical and magical become reality

Be warned
It can be harsh
It can be cruel
It can be disturbing
Be warned
Your in a world to belong yet survive
Your in a place where your past of good memories are forevermore erased
Your in world that is 75% independent yet 25% dependent
Be warned

NeverLand is an island that holds the lost youth and grooms them into beings they are today !

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