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IV. Small Happenings: 1!2!3! Let’s Go

1!2!3! Let’s Go

1!2!3! Let’s go
But I don’t want to…..
let go
I’m not going to be…..
for when you leave

1!2!3! Let’s go
Do we have to……
go our separate… ways
Where will you go !?
Where will I go!?
Where will we go!?

1!2!3! Let’s go
What happened to you ?
I never got a chance to call you that day
What happened to me ?
I never got a chance to reach you either

1!2!3! Let’s go
Did you have to leave so soon
Why couldn’t I have beeen there to save you
Did you have to be there? Did you have to be specifically there at that time ?Did you have to go specifically there that night ?
Why… why… why… why… why… why…

1!2!3! Let’s go
I was never ready to let you go
Never ready
Never ready
Never ready
I was never ready to let you go

This isn’t exactly your happiest but it’s a memory that I always have to keep in my mind

I was never 1!2!3! Let’s go but I’ll love you forever my angel

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