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IV. Small Happenings: The 13 Roses

The 13 Roses

Rushing down the staircase
She left the masquerade ball
A trail of magic, myth, and sparkle followed her

A bouquet of roses
The clock struck at one oclock that morning
A trail of laughter, kindness, and beauty

She ran down the brick pavement
She blossomed in a beautiful lavender gown
She danced till her feet hurt

Three roses that were red
were given to her色..
due to her undenying beauty

Two roses that were white
were given to her色色色..
due to her kindness

Three roses that were orange
were given to her色色色色..
due to her humor

She caught the eye of many
yet none to her own eyes
Her laughter rang in the air
as she was spun from fellla to fella

Among all of the fellas she danced with
only eight have given her roses
Her beautiful smile and warm eyes welcomed many that night

Three roses that were purple
were given to her色色色..
due to her beautiful smile

Two roses that were pink
were given to her色色..
due to her warm eyes

As she slipped away from the atmosphere of the ball
She hid herself in a garden maze
As she walked along her lonely path she counted each rose
She counted 13 roses

Leaving the garden maze
She slipped back into the atmosphere of the ball
A clock struck one oclock

Pushing her way through the crowd
She felt a sudden realness of being alone
Pushing her way through once again
She found her exit

She rushed up the staircase and out of the ball room into the midnight life
Not taking a second glance she ran down the staircase
Without knowing she had thirteen fellas trailing behind her

But those thirteen fellas had no way of catching up to her
as she ran down..
the brick pavement never to return

The only thing either the fellas or girl had were the roses
that were
given that night at the masquerade ball

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