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I. Love Stories

:Poems that tell of
sexuality, becoming a couple, fights,
a blindside to love, finding comfort in a loved one,
and letting go of loved ones you have lost.


The four-letter word…
It’s abundant in supply
Yet it has limitations and boundaries
Various definitions

The four-letter word
Bound to a chair of expectations,
that by the Bible
only a man and woman
are supposed to care for each other,
marry one another

The four-letter word
It’s obsessive, it’s worth-a-thousand-words,
It’s broken, it’s beauty, it’s one-sided, it’s a fairytale,
It’s blinding, it’s calming, it’s unhealthy, it’s supportive

The four-letter word
Stripped naked of your identity,
brainwashed into thinking having a husband or a wife is a need,
forced fed a bowl of ideologies that a woman is inferior while a man is superior within the house

The four-letter word
A kiss out in the rain
Arguments that pierce the taped together heart
Laughter auto fills sweet memories

The four-letter word
Beaten half to death with standards,
having to bandage your own wounds,
you were spitted on for scrambling off of the floor, placing a mask on your face,
your silence was never seen

The wish to reveal your identity, your sexuality…. no your love, your beliefs are quite hard… but courageous

Love is a
four-letter word that has
various definitions, and
an abundant supply,
but it has limitations

Love is
an abundant supply
of joy,
and spontaneous moments
to give out

Love has
its limitations
such as religion,
and societies standards

Yet, love is a four-letter word
that should be boundless.

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