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I. Love Stories: The Butterfly

The Butterfly

A small wave of the hand
The smile that went towards her
A simple, Hello

A small wave would be given in return
A smile that crept up on her face
The simple, Hello, made her blush

A chuckle and a giggle
Having small conversations
Gestures of gentlemanship

His chuckle rang in her ears as she laughed at his jokes
Small talks of fears, inside jokes, and hardships were shared between the two
As he was a gentleman of elegance; she was a lady of grace

...Then it began
She would stutter, whenever speaking to him
He would chuckle at her hiccup,
as she blushed in embarrassment

She would form a small smile, as their conservation would begin
Conspiracy theories, weird facts, and more odd topics would be discussed over the next few hours between them

...Then it began
Their dates were quite playful in some ways
When that happened he would blush in return at some predicaments and how they would end up in that position
She would smirk at his quirkiness

were too afraid,
were too scared,
one knew something had to be done

With a small smile
Blushing cheeks
Their eyes met one another

His hand upon her cheek
Her eyes fell to the ground
Lifting her chin up
Their eyes met once again

He leaned in for a kiss,
while she leaned forward with hopes high
They shared a sweet kiss

Leaning their foreheads against one another
A smile appeared
as the desire for knowing that each of their feelings
for one another was true

Both were a blushing mess
as knowing that the one butterfly
that formed in their stomachs was worth it

Although it was a small chance of hope
for a having such a big dream,
it definitely was a happy ending for the two

The Butterfly

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