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I. Love Stories: Shallow


The tide going in-and-out
A slight breeze coming-and-going
Sand slips between the toes
As you hug yourself to bring warmth

The friction between
your crochet cardigan and hands
Remind you of the intense argument
you had with Victor

The argument
“Why can’t you give me some got damn space,” he yells.
Tears stream down your face
“You haven’t been spending time with me,” you say.
“I’ve been busy,” he replies.
“Oh you mean with your secretary, Gia,” you say.
He smirks at yo, while your eyes bulge out in horror at the truth
“Yes, yes I have been, we’ve been seeing each other six months,” he curtly replies.
Your hand hitting his cheek echoes in the apartment.
“You’re a vile, disgusting creature, and I hope you rot in hell,” you yell.
He holds his redden cheek as his eyes met yours and all he saw were your bloodshot eyes
Grabbing your cardigan, you storm out of the apartment
End of the argument

The water washes ashore
A teardrop hits the sand
The bottom of your jeans
were soakin’ wet
Your knees hit the ground
as you try to cope with the revelation
just told to you an hour ago

“Am I really a shallow person,” you thought.

Your sobs break against the rocky waves
of the water
You hold yourself to bring comfort,
while you hug yourself to bring warmth

“You okay, ma’am,” a stranger asks.
“No not re—ally,” you reply.
You break down in sobs
as you lean on their shoulder for support
“What’s a pretty lady, like yourself doing out here all alone,” they ask.
“Well I’d be lying if I said just to clear my head, I’m really out here because my boyfriend of two years as been cheating on me with his secretary for half-a-year,” you say.
“Wow that sucks, he just lost an amazing girl,” they reply.

You giggle at this stranger’s attempt
to make you smile
A small smile creeps onto your lips
He smiles at you and himself
for making someone’s day better

A conversation sparks between you and the stranger
as the day continues
The distant sound of waves
slashing one another is heard in the background
You and the mysterious stranger
take a walk along the shore
as you push a harsh closure to the back of
your mind and
push the opening of new beauty
to forefront of your mind

You throw away the thought
of being a shallow person

Your padded Sperry’s guide you alongside the stranger as a new relationship is given birth
along the shoreside

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