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I. Love Stories: The Incident

The Incident

It occurred on a Monday
She walked in
He was to close to the other girl
She stopped abruptly

The other girl wore a smug smirk
He was left in the middle
Running towards her
She left a trace of her tears, as her feet glided to the front door

A threshold of affection, trust, joy, and happiness broken in a single moment
Four walls that held frames of laughter, tears of joy and sadness,
while moments of ecstasy and little shared kisses were hidden between the sheets, couch, and kitchen counter

The other girl stalked behind the
broken relationship
He ran after her
She ran til her feet bled the broke heart
she consumed

“Isabella, it’s not what you think,” he said.
“Then what was that, what was she doing in our bedroom, huh,” Isabella responded.
“She came onto me,” he explained,

He walked towards her, cupping her face, he leaned his forehead onto hers
He whispered, “ My heartbeat pounds to death whenever you walk into the room, or whisper some nonsense into my ear. I love you and only you.”
“Then prove it,” Isabella replied.

He wore a sly smirk, as he leaned in to give her the gentlest kiss ever
The other girl stared in distaste and dissatisfaction

As he kissed her, a drunk, lopsided smile hung on her face
The two individuals were too in-love to notice the distress and distraughtfulness of her state

It occurred on a Monday and it ended on a Monday
The incident
The incident
The incident

It’s something of the past for those two lovebirds

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