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I. Love Stories: Suffocating


Little to no room
A small portion of air

A shadow of overbearance laid on the shoulder
An addiction of the lips drove them mad
A breath of oxygen is exhaled, while carbon dioxide is inhaled
A grasp of their porcelain-like skin breaks in the war-like dwelling
A heavy-heart confused
A manipulative mind
Little to no room
A small portion of air

A pure heart
and a small white lie
Their big doe eyes held innocence,
while their lover held a toothy facade within their smile
The blindness of adoration and admiration
turned a lover’s desire into a delusional fantasy
An ignorance of bold red flags,
left room for pure bliss and danger,
an ironic combination
An unexpected visit led to an unsettling truth,
their lover’s work was to unwind in the blink of an eye
An unsettling truth brings a hellstorm that only
brightens one’s arrogance and diminishes the other’s ignorance

Little to no room
The fear of a living corpse;
a domineering behavior bashes a bright spirit;
fits of giggle turn into a quiet soul;
a mannerism of one’s true self is shown
A small portion of air
Battered and bruised outshine the pearly white’s of their lover;
battered with manipulation, negativity, and abuse;
while bruised with blue and purple markings of supposed love, mistakenly drunk black eyes, and second chance broken bones
A fear of a living corpse;
a hatched plan to escape their lover;
a bubble of pure bliss and danger needed to be broken;
a painted canvas of a future that needs change

A pure heart,
a pure bliss,
and a longing for love, adoration, and admiration can sometimes
blind, misguide, or mislead one;
while never showing them the true colors of their partner
being controlling, overbearing, abusive, and suffocating

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