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I. Love Stories: Comfort


A good feeling;
A strengthening;


A tension of heavy chains
An uneasiness builds
A wave of nausea knocks at the door
An eye twitches with a repetitive uncertainty

Fiddling with your fingers
only spares you minimum distraction
Gulping down a bite size worth of spit,
sweat trickles down your forehead
Hours of one to two minutes fill in the void
as the ticking of each second on the clock rings in the background


Tainted cheeks with tear stains leave a mark on your face
as if a crime was committed with the murderer forgetting
to grab their murder weapon
before fleeing the scene

You lick your lips to moisturize
the dry, cracked, bareness of them,
however it can’t cover the crackedness
of a broken heart and discouraged spirit

a small light within begins
to get dimmer and dimmer
as the time passes


A dead weight falls onto the couch
Heavy eyelids
Shaking yourself to stay awake,
yet you fall victim to a black hole of slumber

Licking your lips once more,
you exhale defeat
and fall victim to a black hole of slumber

Readjustment for a comfortable sleeping position

The clanking of keys against a door ring as a reminder
The twist of the door knob signify an event
The door opening welcomes a known person or stranger

An unbeknownst aura overtakes the living room

Dropping his things,
he walks towards you,
smiling to himself that you stayed up just for him

He whispers, “My angel stayed waiting for me.”
He runs his fingers through your hair.
He chuckles
as you turn yourself more into the couch.
He whispers, “I love you so much.”

He turns your face towards him.
The stickiness of your tainted tear stain cheeks,
makes his eyebrows furrow in concern.
Rubbing his thumb across your cheek,
he leans in to give you a small kiss to your cheek.

Lifting you up from the couch,
he hikes up a staircase where memories of broken words,
sliding down the stairs in laundry baskets,
whimsical performances,
and drunk stolen kisses were made

He smiles to himself
as his foot reaches the last step of his journey
Looking down at you,
he smiles as you snuggle closer into his neck
and tug even tighter onto his shirt

Reaching your shared bedroom,
he lays you under the covers
Planning to take a quick shower
before jumping in the bed with you

However, you tugged on his wrist,
preventing him
He knew you wouldn’t let him go,
so he jumped into the bed
He kissed you on the cheek
as he held you in his arms
as you both went to sleep


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