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A book about poems . Love , hate and lost

Poetry / Other
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what will happen

What would happen
if there was no weapon
In the world.
No guns.
No booms.
Will the world be
a better place.
Will there be no more shooting.
Will that be the end of all wars.
What would happen
if there was no hate.
Will people get along.
Will they understand
Each other.
Have an open mind.
Will there be love
And peace in the world.
What will happen.
What will happen
W-h-a-t - w-i-l-l - h-a-p-p-e-n.
Will people stop the hate.
Will people stop the crimes.
Is peace just something
Made up .
So we can have hope the the world
Is not just a fucking waste of time.
That God didn't make a fucking
Mistake putting us all on
This fucking earth just
To fuck it up.

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