trust, rain and promises

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The time we had, flew away like a beautiful butterfly.
Although every time i saw you smile,
i had the feeling the time stopped.

What i saw in you,
I’ve never seen or felt
something like that before.
I knew you were the one.
I know you are the one.
And you will be always the one.

The love i found
it was pure,
innocent and real.
As real as you and me.

I saw the sparkles in your eyes
when we met.
I saw how you got goosebumps
every time i touched you.
I saw how happy you were with me.

But we both know
I’m the one who you want
but not who you need.
I can’t give you the feeling
Like you’re important to me
or like i love you.
Not even the feeling like
i care about you.
You knew that I’m a unusual man
but you still were with me
all the time.

All the time..

I hurted you
and you hurted yourself.
You let me hurt you
and i will never
forgive myself with what I’ve done.

You deserve the world
and all the kind of happiness.
We know that both.
You are the princess,
you are the little light in the dark,
In my dark.
You are the sun
but also the moon.
You are the butterfly
which would fly across a very rare
beautiful white field.

You are the angel but I’m the demon.
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