Lost in stars of love

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Love has no meaning in words. It is not a logic nor a disease. It is just a magic. A feeling that every heart feels. By believing, we care and by caring we fall in love. But what does that love actually means in this language of a girl whose imagination is keep revolving around a strange face. She calls it a dream. But apart from imagination, this turns out to be truth in her past. The one who forgets the past, always get lost in future. Afterall past hides a mystery which is not told. Love is permanent. Sometimes there's a miracle when someone pray and after all, love is a magic itself.

Poetry / Romance
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The heart thief

Lotus eyes having shine,Trapped me like a wine.
Small glances as little sips, Drank my eyes with smirking lips.
A warm feeling rises by time, In inside as my heart shines.

Soft and rossy petals, On the mouth settled.
Spread love as are red as roses,Wish my heart to be so close to it.
Why so lovely my heart got lost,It's your lips the one who stole.
A warm feeling rises inside,
As your lips smiled wide.

The beauty on tan face, Stole my heart as it race.
Over more that smile as divine,killed again as the heart shines.

Hands like heaven as they have warm, held my heart when they shook my palm.
Heart sang as loud, As it was over the cloud.
Over more the mischievous play, Gave my heart a shape as it was a clay.
Warm feeling rises over my cheeks, My heart shined as the happiness leaks.

Delicate feet and the way they dance, Stole glances as they asked for chance.
Over more the noise of anklet bells, Stole my heart again I tell.
This time jealous arose, as everyone got your look,
Oh, heart thief, wanna get hook?.
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