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Hello. I'm Jozz and I'm just getting more into poetry. I'm new but I want to try and write some. I want to be able to express my feelings into words. Maybe they would be awful but I wish y'all could give me some advise. Thank you and enjoy this journey of mine.

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Used Shoes

Maybe you might know this girl.

Maybe it might be you.

She was small




With a kind hearth of gold.

Always looked new and untouched.

All of that perfection inside a small girl,

But she eventually grew.

Grew and got old.

Looked nothing like new and untouched.

She looked more like a pair of old used shoes;

Dirty and smelly.

Even she couldn't resist to get knocked out by her ugliness.

She was used shoes

She could not be able to get going on her own.

Not like in the past

When she was new.

Just like old used shoes, she was later not used by anyone.

She could not fit in anymore.

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