Cold December Eyes: Dark Love Poems

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I can never tell you why I’m broken. Why my lips tremble at your name. Why my eyes widen at your glance. Why my hands feel strangely empty. (If you enjoy these poems, please Like & Comment.)

Poetry / Romance
m.p. eckstein
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Cold December Eyes

I was lost in the woods of winter’s wrath
In cold November
When I met a woman whose eyes were like
Cold December

She sang songs of woe and songs of misery,
She sang bittersweet
She played with words and made up rhymes,
She did this many times

Many times
Empty lines
Many times

I sat beside a fire blowing on an ember
This I remember
A tree had sprouted in my mind, a tree
That grew and grew

For long I could not see the knotted tree,
Or taste the deadly dew
But while I dozed I dreamed and dreamed,
Of falling stars

And the tree whose boughs were blowing
In the wind
It did bend

When I woke there she stood, like the tree
From my dream
She sang a song, and I hummed along
In years bygone

Forever will I remember that cold November
And those eyes
Those cold December eyes that haunt me still

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