Cold December Eyes: Dark Love Poems

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Light in the Window

I stand at my window gazing at the moonlit meadow
Where we danced on wildflowers beneath the stars
Where you sang like a whisper from a dream

While we waded in the gray grass, I reached for you
Like a man who grasps for the moon in the sky
For a moment it lies aglow between his fingers but
As his hand returns, it remains once more out of reach

Now, I walk alone in the meadow on bitter nights
If I cup my hand to my ear I can hear your voice still
Drifting with the wind as the stars one by one fade

Look there! I see a faint yellow flame in the heavens
A golden ray rises over the gray mists of the meadow
I am a shadow before the sun as it climbs in the east

At times, my mind drifts to pleasant thoughts of you
Memories that fade as quickly as early morning dew
Visions of what might have been and could never be
Dreams that must die as the sun shines in my window

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