Cold December Eyes: Dark Love Poems

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My Fair Fancy Fairy-tale Girl

Once you whispered long ago
That you were indeed no
Fairy-tale, fairy-tale girl

Now I think it must be said
Although I am strong of spirit,
Unyielding, and hard of head
That even I had been misled

You had not eyes like the sea
Nor skin as smooth as ivory
Nor lips as red as the rose
My fair fancy fairy-tale girl

Yet, on many a moonless night
As hard as it may be to admit
There were times I did wish
You possessed all those things

And I’m sure it has been said
To many a child before bed
That fairy tales are only true
Ever so long as you choose

Now I think that must be so
For, indeed, the more I knew
The less I believed true…of
My fair fancy fairy-tale girl

Now it seems to me that even
Had you been but a bit more
Like I wished winters ago
You’d not have remained so

For fairy tales are only true
So long as you and I choose
My fair fancy fairy-tale girl

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