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Once I woke while dreaming and closed my eyes again to be with you still wandering after footprints in the snow. (If you enjoy these poems, please Like & Comment.)

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m.p. eckstein
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Winter's Waking Dream

Once I woke while dreaming
And closed my eyes again
To be with you still wandering
After footprints in the snow

Through the woods we went
Though we hardly walked
Our shoes sinking in snow
Your hand in mine, a pulse
Pounding against my palm

Frozen by winter’s breath
Through swirling snowflakes
Dancing about in old oaks
Like salt shaken from the sky
I caught your eyes, a glance only

Something I cannot forget
Something I thought for tales
Stories woven for children
As no myth has ever told
Like a morning sun rising
Over sapphires in the sea

A face amidst curls, full round
Unlike faces I have known
Fairer than faces I have dreamed
While the wind was blowing
Scents of lilac and potpourri

I was half-awake it seemed
Dreaming perhaps, trembling,
When your lips met mine

Still I wonder before rousing
While I wake if I am waking

Whether I am dreaming yet

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