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Fears Rise When the Light is Gone

A fire burns bright,

traveling across the logs in sight.

As if the flames are dancing the waltz,

across the floor with their faults.

The crickets outside chirp in the grass,

as the clouds fly pass.

The birds are just the same,

as they travel with no worry or blame.

The water cascades freely,

causing sound to be steely.

The moon shines bright in the sky,

shadowing everything nearby.

The dark covers the land,

making everything quiet and bland.

Fears rise when the light is gone,

it makes you think about all you’ve done.

Are you good?

Did y0u do all you could?

Are you the person you want to be?

Or are you scared of what you see?

The dark causes these questions to surround you,

as if it was all new.

The dark can consume you if you let it,

causing the dark thoughts to swallow you up a bit.

It can take all the good in your soul,

and replace it with an empty hole.

When the dark covers the land,

stay by the fireplace; don’t take a stand.

Watch the fire as it dances,

because it might improve your chances.

The dark can corrupt you,

so don’t let it make you blue.

Stay by the fire,

and watch as it rises in pyre.

The light will keep you safe,

from all and any strafe.

Do you believe in devils?

Do you believe in saints?

Or do you believe that everyone has the power,

the power to turn sour?

To become their own nightmare,

as if the good was never there.

Fears rise when the light is gone,

it makes you think about all you’ve done.

Stay by the fire light,

or you might never see an end in sight.

The dark will snuff out the light in you,

and there will be nothing you can do.

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