Poems That Make You Feel Something

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Aching Inside

Everything is so cold,

making me unable to be bold.

My hands shake like a rattle,

and every day is a rough battle.

My breath is a rasp,

I barely have a grasp.

Strangers cause me fear,

even children who are near.

I can’t talk,

I can’t move,

I can’t even function at all.

An anxiety attack feels like death,

because no matter what I do,

I will never win this fight.

One day I might win,

but for now I am drowning.

Drowning in the pit of fear,

of loneliness,

of depression.

I want to be like everyone else,

but that will never be possible.

I am broken beyond repair,

like I am caught in a snare.

I always feel like I am aching inside,

as if I am under the tide.

An anxiety attack is fear you can not control,

and it's terrifying.

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