Poems That Make You Feel Something

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They Are Your Gravity

Love is a wonderous thing,

which can cause many to sing.

When you find the one,

it's like you have never seen a rising sun.

The sight of them makes you weak,

as if your stomach is filled with butterflies to the brink.

You shake just like a jack hammer,

and every word comes out in a stammer.

You want to protect them with all your might,

never letting them out of sight.

At one point you realize they are your gravity,

the only thing keeping your heart in your chest cavity.

Waking up to find them beside you,

is like nothing else you can do.

Looking into those colorful eyes,

seeing how they have become wise.

Love can be a precarious thing,

but that doesn't mean you shouldn't sing.

Sometimes you have to take the leap,

or you'll never have that someone to keep.

When you find that special someone; don't let them go,

even if it might be scary to let them know.

Love is the one thing in this world,

that will never get old.

Take the chance to fall into love,

you might just see doves.

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