Poems That Make You Feel Something

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Monsters Are All Around Us

Monsters are all around us.

Some you know from history,

others are right next door.

Sometimes you can spot it instantly,

the darkness in their eyes,

the spark of insanity in their smile,

maybe it's even the way they walk.

Other times they lock the monster away,

until they need them.

They seem charismatic,


nice even,

but it's all an act.

It's okay to fight them,

to hide from them,

to even be friends with them,

but it's not okay to become one.

To let the darkness seep into your eyes,

making them nothing but abysses.

Monsters are all around us,

sometimes they win,

other times they lose.

As long as you are strong,


and you never give up,

they'll never win,


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