Poems That Make You Feel Something

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You will never understand.

My heart feels like a racing car,

my hands feel like sweaty meat,

and I can never stop shaking.

You will never understand.

I can never call you on the phone,

I can never ask for help,

and I can never say hello.

You will never understand.

How hard it is to sleep,

how hard it is to leave my room,

and how hard it is to breathe.

You will never understand.

My pain,

my worries,

and my fears.

You will never understand,

because anxiety is with me every day,

and you don't know what it feels like,

to be out of control.

You say to not be worried,

like I can just flip a switch.

This issue isn't something easily fixed,

so be there for me,

don't be against me.

You will never understand,

but the least you can do,

is try...

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