Frankenstein Poetry

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I just got sad thinking about Frankenstein’s monster so I wrote some bad poetry about it.

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I take my shape, moulded form of flesh,
Created, malleable,
Tender workings of a vengeful man,
By one who wished to spite humanity,
To form the bastardised image of a God.

I am one with the broken image,
A hulking figure who craves the creators adoration, his pride,
I wish for affection,
For my body will hurt for love,
Father please,
The wish to bear witness to the purity,
Of a Gods love to their creation,
I am the Abomination,
I am a husk, the mere shell of creation.

I weep for malice, for hate, for the callousness of man,
My borrowed heart aches,
Those who I see,
The tender, beautiful perfection of humanity,
They cry their loathing to the monster,
The forsaken and the forlorn,
I am their monster,
Why do they hate me, Father?

Shunned by the world of which I adore,
I turn to the creator,
I share the tragedy of man, the sorrow,
Father please,
I cry for the injustice of it all,
For I love humanity,
For I love mankind,
For I love it all,
Despite their hatred,
Despite their cruelty,
Despite it all,
Though I am their monster,
Mankind's putrid beast,
I am the Abomination,
Of Frankenstein, man’s creation of a monster,
And I, a monsters creation of man.
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