Chaotic Symphony

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A peek into my mind and the world that lays beyond....

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Astral Phantom

Like a ghost you haunt my dreams

but maybe somehow it’s what you mean to do simple yet so deep

Why are you doing this to me?

So sweet and sincere you draw me to you

Is this something you are trying to do?

Like a disease you’ve obsessed me

I think and think and think

What if? Maybe? Somehow?

The spiral of thoughts in which I sink

Phantom.....the name couldn’t be more fitting

Your face still a mystery to me

Your sweet words in my head forever ringing

Like a star, always flickering

Gone in the day but eternally shining

Your heart and traits, a facade they’re always saying

Did you mean what you said, when you pledged your heart to me?

Or were your sweet words frivolously thrown to appease

Is this all a game?

A ghostly Phantom moving through Astral planes...

Or are you just waiting to emerge from the shadows again?

Doesn’t really matter anyways because like broken glass we were damned from the beginning

Too many sharp angles standing in our way

too many people’s standards telling us what is right in our state of being

Though the truth is painfully clear

We were too early

the kindling not dry enough or ready to burn in our fury

No matter the suspicion or uncertainty

Wherever you may be and whoever with

It was not the the cover of your book that interested me about you

Not even the chapters since I never got as far as I wished

It was the preface, I read the little you showed and that’s when I knew

You are the phantom I would never forget.

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