Thoughts I Stay Up For

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Chapter 3

How, I am amazed.

Some words slipped from your beautiful lips and
I wasn't sure I caught it the first time.
It wasn't once; you mentioned it twice.

I recall months ago, in the present, too, that
we were just talking about how we...
were unsure what the future held.

Never did I assume that you had so generously
considered, incorporated, included
the silly, willy, me into your plan.

Wait, let me correct that - oh, I really am
silly - you often say,

"I don't have a plan.
It just works out."

Dumbfounded! I am in awe because I cannot,
for the life of mine, get away without planning.
O! Lucky you, dear, lucky you.

And am I even luckier that you want me
in, too? Although I am, still seriously, very intensely,
pondering if... It were true.

Brushed it away the first time I did, when the
second came, I paused - because I had no idea if
you actually meant it.

Give me time and in time,
I will answer.

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