Thoughts I Stay Up For

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Chapter 7

Sometimes I get fed up with myself
asking, why am I still here?

With each week that passes, each of the days;
they eat up more and more of my soul.
I cannot hear myself no more.

I'll give myself one more chance,
and I'll go see you again.

Everything changes because
you make me feel so happy when we're together,
I don't think I'd be this comfortable anywhere else.

I'd do so much for you, you'd never know.

You'd also never know how much I hurt when
I think about you alone at home.
For the things you never find out about,

they hide in the shadows of my love.

And I pray you may never ever discover the shadow that lurks beneath my heart.

This was written in June 2017.
I was still so blissfully unaware of the trepidations that would follow.
Only a fool can be happy.
And I was one.
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