Thoughts I Stay Up For

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Chapter 9

I’m past the point of being spiteful
I don’t want to hurt you at all.

Just please don’t take my eagerness and
transform it into something undue.

It was all for you, only you, but
you see it only as an impatience.

If you don’t see the future like I do,
then is there really a future at all?

If only you realized that I’d still take you back
no matter how many times you hurt my heart,

You’d probably care even less. And
I think it’s finally time for me to stop.

I’ll be taking all my love back, thank you,
no matter how possibly inhuman that can be.

I’ll keep our memories in a jar with
papers photographs kisses and love,
and weld it shut forever.

In the end I think I did make the wrong decision,
and I can only believe I am brave enough to make it right.

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