Cherry blossom

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A short poem about a person in a close relationship with nature. Cherry blossom one of the most beautiful flowers ever existed in the world.

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Cherry blossom

Meeting you wasn't serendipity
For i won't last for eternity,
Your beauty goes on til' infinity
Lying between rage and serenity.

Waited long for you,
To see you bloom.
But what you did was,
Left me in a gloom.

Your face longed for only two weeks, or less;
Leaving all your petals in a mess
But that's how your whole body could rest
Bringing back al your green leaves from rest.

Dazzling along the spring breeze
Reminds me of winter gaze
But my heart could only melt,
When you'll return from that long break.

You are like sweet saké
Capturing the whole world,
Into your calm and serene world
Trapping us in your pleasant beauty.

Sitting under the pink petal'd tree,
Watching the white Fuji top
And a Jasmine tea on my hand
Is what i could imagine hearing your name.

Seeing your face my stigma fades
Along with your face, goes away my old fate
Dear Sakura, I'll miss your face
But I'll wait to see you again, when spring comes again.
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