Midnight Musings

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Mein Liebchen

To say that you inspired me would be a sad understatement

It would, in fact, be a watered-down version of the truth

For you have ignited in me a fire that would never die

You have shown me a universe of possibilities that I never even thought was there

You have opened my eyes to a light that would never go out

You have torn down the barriers I painstakingly erected around myself

And brought me out into where I could dream again

You made me look at the beauty in my soul that only you could see

You picked up my broken pieces and patiently glued them back whole

So, to say that you inspired be would never be enough

For you have dragged me out of that cold, cold grave

And warmed me up with your love

You did not just inspire me, Mein Liebchen

You have brought me back to life!

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