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Umm... Let's just take a look darling ;)

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Bitter but true

Why is these sky so blurry today...
Or it's just the dust in my eyes that I can't see clear...

Today meant to be good but actually it was just like every day....

What is that I need.. ??
Is even there any thing I need?..

I got people in my life..
I got sparkle in my life..
I got smile on my face..


Time passes through things changes like hell so fast...

Where does my smile Dissapeared..
Maybe away from me..

And now..
I got darkness every where..
My heart feels like broken pieces of glass..
The smile I saw on my face..
Is now just a memory...

Never trust anyone...
Never love anyone
Never never..
Just never...

There's tears in my eyes..
But its like every time..
Eyes speak truth..
Yes I'm sad
And yess I'm broken...

And you broke me...
I don't want you anymore...
I am all that I ever needed...

You know what people says..
Good people gives you memories..
And the worst ones will give you a Lesson...

Hey beautiful people :)
.. Tell me about your life's injuries or like something deep...
That you can never forget....

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