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Loving You

By Kara Johnstad All Rights Reserved ©


Loving You

Loving you
I shall die
Either way
There is no return.

For if I say no
To this passion 
That slumbers within, 
No, to your laughter
That slips under my skin

No to my heart 
That longs to take wing
No, to a moment 
More precious than spring

No, because the distance 
Is far too far, too vast
No, because why try? 
When we know that nothing will last... 

In this moment 
When I look life
Right straight in the eyes
And choose NO 
In response to God's sweetest surprise

In that same moment of NO
I shall start to whither and die
My heart shall grow heavy 
And the sun shall not rise

Live a pauper's life
Empty pockets and pretty lies
Solemn and somber
A lovely disguise

I buried my flight
'So well behaved” 
Ticking off time
As I march to my grave 

And yet if I say yes, 
To following this bliss
The kind that leads to topsy-turvys 
And martinis with a twist

Yes, to the difference in age 
And the difference of place 
The wild funny stories 
And a place on your face

Yes to these lines, 
That just won't leave my head
You go grrrlllll, 
Before you are dead.

If I say yes to this ache
Which I don't understand
That has pulled me right out of
My logical plans....

If I say yes, 
To licking the salt off your skin 
Or allowing you to enter me 
Deep deep within

Then my oh my
Then I shall really die
As I surrender 
To life's sweetest surprise

And this death will be quick
On that night of no moons
As we glide on lake 
And you dive like a loon...

And there in the dark 
Without time, age or space
There we are showered 
In God’s Holy Grace

I am not here 
And you are not there
We are where nobody worries 
And nobody cares

Only our souls to see 
If it were true 
Only our hearts that beat.
I love you. 

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