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I live like any other, today is the same day as always another cigarette to forget. Not ever hungrey but yet another empty plate yet filled with food. Why don’t I really want to taste the flavor? It been what feels like centuries, and sometimes I chug it so fast I barely have time to taste. Tommorow is another regret that I’m not what I am, My memory is getting worse is what I really mean. I’m full of doubt inside. I can’t help but question my life.Past regrets linger of what I could remember , everything is like stacks of books, that I’ve wanted to read-I really do, so why do I lack enough time, in this moment another reminder ... I chat and it is everything I’ve expected, could it be symptoms of a bad habit? Random,I’m definitely avoiding something, but I rather live every day smiling, it’s getting late... and time is moving a lot faster, my mind always wanders, if only I could be even instead of uneven. I need to be faster.I’m trying to keep up but somethings missing in my head.All I do is get distracted until I forget.wanted to say before I don’t remember ... before the time passes. I wanted... to speak with you but it’s not I’n my comfort zone, it’ll never be, just to cut it short I like you. Anyways I know this is gonna sound umm strange, but who doesn’t like to be alone in their room forever? It’s my space, it’s my air, it’s my privacy! Sometimes it’s more safer being

Poetry / Mystery
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Chapter 1

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