Swan Friends

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The friendship of two old friends.

Poetry / Romance
Chloe Brodkin
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Swan Friends

Their friendship has lasted since the 1940s, now they can meet together one last time.

Maria is a luscious blossom with black hair and dark blue sparkling eyes. Of course her hair is grey now but her eyes remain like the sea.

Brenda has green eyes, that look like pearls and short grey hair in a pixie cut that makes her feel young.

Maria and Brenda are polar opposites but have discovered a lovely lasting friendship.

They meet on their 90th birthday, they both have the same birthday, just different times. May 27th 12;15 am for Brenda and Maria is May27th at 9;00am. They met at the Brooklynn Bridge and held hands and walked together and reminisced about old times. They didn't want to let go of each other's hands. But they do. Maria looks back at Brenda. And they come walking for one last embrace before parting. Three years later they both die in the same hospital in France.

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