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Lost doesn't mean last

God created us in a tightly closed jar,
In which everyone had a dream to achieve which was far.
Seeing us he gave us wings,
Opened the gate to achieve those happy things.

He gave freedom to fly anywhere,
Like a butterfly, we flew like a glare.
Everyone was excited to encounter the beauty,
Before that, he gave us a duty.

Duty not to spoil the created world,
But with our actions, he is disturbed.
We destroyed the heaven made for us,
Lost it behind the rust.

I am sorry for destroying this beauty,
We were unable to complete our duty.
I feel sad for our own mistake,
I hope we could take a retake.

Now, when I imagine that beautiful heaven,
I wish I could undo this all and drink all this dejection.
But what now if this heaven has turned into hell,
I wish I could ring the bell.

Ring to everyone on this planet,
To get ready with their helmet.
And help nature to return its beauty as heaven,
And ask the sea to drown all the dejection.
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