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Rain's pitter-patter

The rain caught me and my eyes,
My eyes are shining bright,
My hairs are waving as the bird flies,
Meanwhile, the clouds are having a fight!!

Oo this rain,
In this pin-drop silence,
How my mind will manage this singing vein,
How my mind will maintain this balance!!!

I am here standing in the balcony,
Dancing on the rhythm of raindrops,
With the hot cup of coffee,
Now, I question How will this body stop?

Rain has swallowed me into it,
With its echo of pitter-patter,
Now I just can't sit,
To see me dancing many birds have gather.

I feel so good,
Like I am on the buttery fly,
Not even a second I stood,
I am on top of the world, I can't deny.

The feeling of the breeze,
And the rhythm of water drops,
Gives me ease,
And to also these crops.

I love rain,
I love nature,
From them many knowledge I have gain,
They nurture us like a teacher.
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