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**Possible trigger warning**
I wish I could just be happy
and this may seem sappy
but I am just broken
Why can't my heart just open?
but it stays locked away
Forever it will stay
You don't get to see this side of me
It's not something I am proud of
You might just want to help me
but what I feel is not love
I put on this mask to hide my sadness
but you saw right through it
My head is filled with madness
Yet you help ease it
It scares me to death
Having you by my side
You give my strength
Yet you tear me down inside
I'm sorry I'm so complicated
I know that you hate it
but I promise I care
It's just hard for me to hear
That you care for me too


"Life has its ups and downs"
that's what they say
well my down seems to stay
Sure, life doesn't totally suck
but for some reason
I seem stuck
Stuck in my head, stuck in this cycle
This cycle is one I wish to break
Break free of this hell
Break free of this loop
But for some reason, I can't get enough help
I love my family, my friends
They are positives
Yet I am always full of dread
I wish I could escape and stay gone
but where would that leave everyone?
I have to stay strong
and strong I will be
Because I love my family
and my family loves me


Things were going great
Everything was fine
Then I found out
Everything was a lie
You said you loved me
Said, "You are mine"
Then you tore my heart
and put it on the line
The night you said you loved me
When I caught that kiss you blew
I gave you my heart
And you just ripped it in two
Now I say goodbye
I have to let my heart heal
You claim it's still yours
But it's mine, I must conceal

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