The Heartbreak Collection

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Have you ever gone through a break-up? The pain of losing a special someone is something far worse than a physical wound, it hurts deep down. The saddest thing about love is that no matter how much you love someone you can never love them more than you'll miss them. The thing about pain is that it demands to be felt, and it always gets what it wants. This is a collection of poems that focus on heartbreak and loss of all types.

Poetry / Romance
Jesse G. Speight
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Flames & Waves

Fire and water are different but so much the same

They show no prejudice or bias

Both have the power to destroy anything you can name

And to their mission are they only pious

Water will wash away everything

Wash away the good and the bad

So be careful of what you bring

What has been washed away might make you sad

Fire will burn everything it touches

Regardless of whom or what

It will burn a pauper just like a duchess

And it will burn a mansion just like a hut

The water has the high tide

The fire spreads so easily

So stay away, it’s useless to hide

It will try to destroy everything unceasingly

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