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The Memoir Blossom

By Mark G. Wadley All Rights Reserved ©



Enhance your will of Fire and prevail in the nativity you decide to pursue. Allow the world to feel your love and passion as you ignite into the Journey ahead, become the champion of the adventure. The world we live in does not revolve within the axis of the color wheel, nor does shine between Heaven and Hell. We are the world that we wish to enforce change and a difference not only for our children, but the people we love just as much as our children love us. As you take a peak within the Memoir Blossom take a close look beyond the blind fold and snatch out the answers that the voice in the back of your head whispers too along the line of your ear bone. Chase the echo of mysteries and pieces to reconstruct the perfect picture.

The Light Within

Chapter 1

The light within

In life we only see what we think we can change, or assume we can make a difference. People of our nation are blinded with hatred and envy towards their brothers and sisters, they seem to struggle with their achievements or dreams. As one group of people we can overcome our struggles through love and peace, also with enthusiasm so we can have an impact on history. Our lives and future are determined by the choices we make, and the actions we take to get there. In our generation today the youth civilization has become confused and overwhelmed with denial, some people lack the academic requirements, and always produces anger and hateful expressions towards people, objects, and the trend of society. From my observation, people who give up on their life because they believe they no purpose or lack motivation.

Look beyond the objects that has been offered, look past the ignorance of any dark or insidious phase that you have encountered. If u look back at your regrets and the past mistakes you made and dwell, it will be difficult to move forward towards your next reward. The regrets will become an abstract bolt in your failure and as time goes on, the boat will slowly sink.

Let God be the light within, allow God to be your first thought, acknowledge the fruits of your labor as the blessing from the father above, and then the life you truthfully wish to live will no longer be a pigment of your fantasies. Nothing in life is perfect, but have the courage to make your promise guaranteed, stand tall even when u watch your dream crumble. Sometimes you have to pick up the crumbs before you can enjoy the entire plate. Foster God love to always give the next slice, let the love be the light within.

In every household there is a back bone, the one or two people who keeps the family above float. In my personal belief every member of the house is the back bone for one another. In our nation history, different cultures contributed different attributes and values among society that benefits us today. As a citizen, as a man of God and honor, as a son, as a brother and most of all as my own man who stands tall with the essence of peace among society. You can overcome lies and deception, as the truth swindles from out of the furnace your ambition will be ready to ignite. Embrace your beautiful silhouette, feel the vibe of your aroma, cast it out as the words you speak when you express your dreams. Use the same words that you would in a conversation about success that goes beyond the stars.

Love the message that you bring, love the message that you receive, elaborate the meekness of the content, understand the content that sparked the light within. Sometimes I had to allow the light that shine within me diffuse and explore the realms around the hearts of others. Evaluate yourself, make your heart the next boys inspiration, shape your love into the truth. As the little kings and queens that are our daughters and sons from heaven may believe in that pursuit of love. As I continue to walk among the streets of Philadelphia my feet are in the mud and heaven gates are on the whim of truth for my family and legacy. Walking in blind faith, allowing my ears and eyes to be my door way to the faith I believe and the belief of the words that I speak into existence. Sometimes as I look beyond the window as I write I think about the lost souls that were taken, I think about how I refuse to let the streets devour my life and opportunity, I refuse to let the misery of the world adapt within my joy of success.

Allowing my memories to be keep my motivation dominant in my rise from the slums. Elaborating on reasons to keep my light shining bright, dipping and dabbing in the different knowledge of God to become a better person. Even this very day I’m fighting against the devil temptation and ambition to stop my story from being told. The scars, the bruises, the pain, the phases of broken dreams, the very blood you taste when you walk among the gutter. Looking at death each day you walk to the next corner, wondering about the angels that watch over the crown on my head. Thinking about how God will bend the next bullet to spare my life, understanding the pain that will diffuse among my loved ones, watching as tears drop, and the life in the struggle becomes more obsolete.

Coming from the poorest parts, where bright lights, working hard through the bumps and lost hope are on the other side of each door. Each time you turn the knob there it goes, the ups and downs the twist and turns, heaven is a block away but the wars of the field, the battle of surviving the chaos that’s archaic in any lane is the risk you have to decide to take.

Looking at life through the eyes of a poor boys dream, willing to create the depiction of Jacobs Ladder at the tip of my fingers, the world is in the palm of my hands, and Jesus spirit continue is to walk with me down each dark alley and street corner as I bustle for success. We only human, we all make mistakes, we are only flesh but born to withhold our bodies as temples and Mountains, the feeling of flowing rivers, smiles brighter than Eden itself will be the abundant festivity that will embolden my prosperity.

Never forget who you are because the world surely wont, the world we live in will judge your intuition, and try to breach the very thing you love most. Ask yourself, how badly do you want what you desire, how much dedication are you willing to put in to reach the next level, what are you willing to sacrifice to behold that capacity of influence. I pray to God so that my heart burning flame won’t blow out. I pray to God because as I look towards the long run and the path that’s within my perception becomes an enigma.

I still vow to triumph through the blizzards and storms, the solitude of the ghost that haunts and taunts the oracle of what reality is to you. I ask anyone who reads these words, keep the dignity to honor those whose light and heart isn’t on the path to God, change their radiant devotion to the almighty. God speaks through me as I speak unto you, his voice jolts among the ears of my heart, and I deeply accepts his messages and grace. So I ask and say unto you, keep the light that shines within you alive, keep the love within as it vegetates keep it conclusive, keep it in the prospect of God.

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