The Life in Rhymes of an Angsty Teenager

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Shattered Mirrors, Stifled Beauty

She takes a look at herself in her compact mirror, and her reflection doesn't surprise her.

It never changes, even though she checks every day, she wishes a beautiful face would magically appear instead of her usual blur.

There's absolutely nothing she likes about herself, not her face nor her body.

She feels that appearance means everything, especially if you really want to be somebody.

She comes home from the mall and tries on her new clothes; her goal is to stand in front of her full-body mirror.

She walks over slowly, and the ugly person she sees staring back at her, fills her body with utter fear.

She's so self-conscious and doubts herself so much, and she's definitely never going to be liked by anyone, never mind a boy.

Everyone at school makes fun of her and tosses her around, as if she was just their toy.

They say hate is a strong word to use, but she feels the total opposite of love.

And even though she doesn't believe in God, she prays that he'll shed some light on her from up above.

She thinks that maybe then she'll know her true purpose in life, because it can't be what she's doing now.

So far all she does is starve her body and curse the mirrors that never make her look skinnier, like it's something they'll never allow.

She goes to the bathroom to do her daily routine, with the only friends she's got.

Her finger, her toothbrush, and the toilet bowl, she believes that they help her out a lot.

Maybe today she'll even try dying her hair? A dark black sounds very nice to her.

She thinks that colour will suit her, with her new dark and depressing personality for sure.

She silently asks if anyone can reassure her, that life will soon enough get better.

She pulls on her lingerie under her trench coat to walk the streets where her new job takes place, and then pulls on her boots made of leather.

Sadly, this girl has turned to prostitution because she knows she'll feel loved, and be called beautiful many times during her long hour nights.

She walks through the streets in search of someone who will care about her,

among the stores that have shut off their lights.

But what she hasn't figured out yet is that her clients' love is fake, and the flattery is truly all lies.

She has broken all the mirrors in her house, so in the end she'll never witness her own true beauty, which hides behind her eyes.

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