The Life in Rhymes of an Angsty Teenager

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The Street People

Traffic and daily frustrations spill into the street.

Street-like, people's veins fill with drugs and deceit.

Bodies run ridden with the heavy burden of alcohol and addictions, too.

Disproving the hope that maybe poverty is a thing of the past and is through.

As perfect city civilians we go about our busy lives.

But it's unfortunate that some of us don't care enough to see the other side.

We ignore the dark alleyways, and avoid the parts that aren't lit up by city lights.

And we look the other way as we pass by street violence and city fights.

At the beggars who ask for simple change, all we can muster is an ignorant stare.

Or we turn our stuck up noses towards the sky in disgust, at the ones who would even dare.

But why is it that these "street people" spark fear and fright in our minds?

Weren't you ever discriminated against, weren't you ever left behind?

No, of course you weren't, because after all, we know that you had a perfect life.

The fact that it would be questioned at all is absurd; you've never experienced true pain and strife.

The most you suffer is when your fancy caviar dinners aren't shipped in, thinking it should be everyone's concern.

While the street people are just lucky enough to make it to a food bank on time, where they are voluntarily served.

Served food that you would consider slop, but to them, those few morsels could mean life or death.

And you have the nerve to ignore them reaching out, with your diamonds practically implanted in your chest.

You tip toe by them prancing in prissy designer heels, mocking their frozen and bare feet.

Or almost hit them with your suit-and-tie briefcase as they are waist-high, sitting on the street.

And yet you can still say you're a novel citizen and a role model, pasting on a fake smile to match your lies.

Because you know damn well that when a person in need asks for your help, you're too busy be bothered as you keep walking by.

You don't have time to acknowledge their sad and puny existence; their life is too minuscule and unimportant for you to care.

But just because you don't think about them in your "clean" conscience, doesn't mean that they are not there.

Maybe your riches and meaningless possessions will one day be taken away.

Maybe you'll be stripped of every little thing you love; your life will be left to slowly decay.

Just remember your ignorance and keep in mind your carelessness if this day comes, and you see a person in your prior position approach.

Maybe they might just pity you; and that they'll be somewhat generous, you better hope.

Because in this day and age, in our civilized lives, we have no time to think about anyone else.

We've all become so selfish and absorbed in our own little worlds, that we only care about ourselves.

Maybe instead of being so caught up in our own globes, we should stop and take a second to think about the bigger picture; take a second glance.

Because each and every person that inhabits this earth deserves to have a fighting chance.

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