The Life in Rhymes of an Angsty Teenager

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Sometimes I forget about everything else but us.

Spending a night with you is a therapy I can trust.

The weight of the world has floated off into the sky.

My body feels light as a feather, without having the weight on my shoulders to hide.

But nothing can be hidden from you.

Not even the smile that I try so hard to stop from shining through.

When I'm around you, nothing can ever be contained.

Not even the rigidity of the skeleton buried deep inside of me can be maintained.

Instead, the 75% of fluid my body is composed of betrays my bones.

And I turn into something that can be absorbed by you, as I can't help but melt with a moan.

You become my new backbone, my spine, my rock.

I rest tired on the toned muscles that weave together your hard body; but when necessary, they seem to dissolve into something soft.

The softness I sometimes need, the safety net ready to catch me if ever I fall.

The comfort when you encompass me, eager to soothe my infant calls.

You are the strongest of all strengths, when I am feeling weak.

You build me up so high; higher than the tallest mountain peak.

You push me to conquer my fears, to dive off the most intimidating cliff's edge.

You convince me that I am buoyant enough to survive the deep end, but if I do happen to sink, you'd be my life-saving dredge.

But all of this seems so much bigger than us, as we lay side by side in this bed.

I picture all of these outrageous outcomes, but am humbled as we plan for the future ahead.

All I need to do is look into your eyes to be certain that my life will end well.

And I know that if I keep you for as long as I live, then I'll never be by myself.

Because I will always have you standing tall by my side, just as we are now parallel on this sturdy mattress.

Confident in each other and all that we have, as the world keeps spinning on its axis.

I know you'll keep me likewise spinning for the rest of my life.

Like a child doing the same until they get dizzy, I've fallen stunned by the fact that I've found something so right.

While I may forever stay dizzy and stunned, I know for certain that something is true.

I will probably fall over and over again, because I am madly in love with you.

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